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A family of electronic control modules or “BOTs” are available to allow the use of application specific hardware that otherwise might not perform as desired.

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Southwest Research Institute applies commercial and custom engine control systems - both hardware and software - to test cell and benchmarking applications.

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Introduction to the Ann Arbor Technical Center (PDF)

Applied Electronic Controls Team in Michigan

SwRI's Ann Arbor Technical Center (AATC), established in 2005, offers automotive technical and program support to clients located in southeast Michigan and Canada from a team of engineers in Ann Arbor experienced in engine and vehicle control. The full resources and capabilities of the San Antonio based staff are available when needed from a wide range of technology areas.

Providing Controls Solutions to the Automotive Industry

The AATC provides research and development support to companies throughout the Midwest. Capabilities range from programming production engine control units (ECUs) to complete test cell control and support. AATC can work with client hardware or develop a complete custom hardware and software solution. Recent projects include development and implementation of advanced combustion control systems as well as control of hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

Technical Strengths in Applied Controls Engineering

Controls Related Products

In addition to services, SwRI's AATC offers a family of hardware and engine control software products that allows difficult powertrain control problems to be solved quickly and cost effectively. Several hardware modules or BOTs (bunch of transistors) are available in standard configurations that can be customized to meet specific project needs. Additional details are available for these products:

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