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A new high temperature lubricant oxidation test procedure is currently being developed by SwRI scientists.

Lubricants for spark-ignited engines are updated as the performance needs of new engines change and as new regulations are imposed, such as the current Tier 2 120,000-mile useful life emissions durability requirement for light duty vehicles. Lubricants must not only protect the engine, they must also be compatible with the exhaust aftertreatment system and associated sensors. To help vehicle manufacturers meet ever increasing corporate-average fuel economy CAFE standards, industry is developing advanced engine lubricants that improve fuel efficiency by reducing engine friction.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) offers complete testing services for a variety of lubricant specifications, including SAE, ASTM, ILSAC GF-3, GF-4 and GF-5 as well as API service classification SL, SM and SN engine oils. Additional details are available for specific passenger car and specialty engine lubricant testing:

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