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Merle Converse

Merle Converse, Technical Advisor
Electronics Systems & Robotics Department
Applied Physics Division
    Phone: (210) 522-2716
 Links on the SwRI Web site for Merle Converse:
  • Programmable Device for Compressor Valve, 8,584,698
  • High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator and Respiratory Measurement System, 5,555,880
  • Noise Rejecting Detector for Biomedical Signals, 4,899,760
  • Cardiovascular Monitor, 4,803,996
  • Interference Resistant Biomedical Transducer, 4,784,154
  • Method and Apparatus for Locating Leaks in a Multiple Layer Geomembrane Liner, 4,740,757
  • Directional Potential Analyzer Method and Apparatus for Detecting and Locating Leaks In Geomembrane Liners, 4,725,785
  • Automated Search Apparatus for Locating Leaks in Geomembrane Liners, 4,719,407
  • Battery Charger Circuit, 4,390,828
  • Current Limiting Circuit for Switching Regulator, 4,335,345


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August 06, 2014