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Klaus Brun

Klaus Brun, Program Director
Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Division
    Phone: (210) 522-5449
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  • Methods and Apparatus for an Oxy-Fuel Based Power Cycle, 9,388,712
  • Pressure Recovery Insert for Reciprocating Gas Compressor, 8,740,581
  • Programmable Device for Compressor Valve, 8,584,698
  • Energy Storage and Production Systems, Apparatus and Methods of Use Thereof, 8,534,058
  • Reciprocating Gas Compressor with Speed Modulation of Compressor Driver for Pulsation Avoidance, 8,052,398
  • Semi-Active Compressor Valve, 7,762,521
  • Single Wheel Radial Flow Gas Turbine, 7,062,900


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August 06, 2014