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Jay Fisher, Sc.D.

Jay Fisher, Sc.D., Program Director
Sensor Systems & NDE Technology
Structural Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Division
    Phone: (210) 522-2028
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  • Local Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (Leis) for detecting coating defects in Buried Pipelines, 8,310,243
  • System and Method Using a Collapsable Coil for Inspection of Pipelines Having Internal Restrictions, 7,154,264
  • Method and System for Injecting Virtual Flaw Signals into a Nondestructive Test System, 6,836,735
  • System and Method for Nondestructive Testing Simulation, 6,775,625
  • Method for Generating and Displaying Complex Data Derived from Non-Destructive Evaluation Scanning, 5,895,439
  • Detection of Reinforcing Steel Corrosion in Concrete Structures Using Non-Linear Harmonic and Intermodulation Wave Generation, 5,180,969


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August 06, 2014