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Stephen Cerwin

Stephen Cerwin, Technical Advisor
Applied Physics Division       Phone: (210) 522-2903
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  • Noise Microphone for Use in Windy Environments and/or in the Presence of Engine Noise, 8,116,482
  • Signal Processing Methods for Ground Penetrating Radar from Elevated Platforms, 7,528,762
  • Frequency-Optimized Detection of Gun Muzzle Flashes, 7,420,195
  • System and Method for Sensitive Photon Detection, 7,372,031
  • Systems and Methods for Detection of Dielectric Change in Material and Structure, 7,288,945
  • Passive and Wireless Displacement Measuring Device, 6,656,135
  • Dual-Interferometer Method for Measuring Bending of Materials, 6,495,819
  • Optimization of Curved Waveguide Design to Reduce Transmission Losses, 6,463,202
  • Pressure and Temperature Sensor Transducer Array, 5,984,874
  • Ultrasonic Inspection System Including Apparatus and Method for Tracking and Recording the Location of and Inspection Probe, 4,160,386


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August 06, 2014