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Ralph Hill, Ph.D.

Ralph Hill, Ph.D., Technical Advisor
Applied Power Division       Phone: (210) 522-3358
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IR&D Reports:  
  • Methods for Vaporization and Remediation of Radioactive Contamination, 9,105,363
  • Biometric Device Based on Luminescence, 8,417,959
  • Compact Handheld non-Laser Detector for Greenhouse Gasses, 8,134,127
  • Compact Handheld Detector for Greenhouse Gasses, 8,085,301
  • Indicators for Early Detection of Potential Failures Due to Water Exposure of Polymer-Clad Fiberglass, 7,002,079
  • Chemically-Doped Composite Insulator for Early Detection of Potential Failures Due to Exposure of the Fiberglass Rod, 6,930,254
  • Spectroscopy Light Source, 6,836,502
  • Ultraviolet Target Designator and Methodology, 6,586,745
  • Advanced Missile Approach Warning System (AMAWS) and Stealth (Low Observables) Detection Based On Exploitation of Quantum Effects, 5,850,285
  • Laser-Induced-Fluorescence Inspection of Jet Fuels, 5,198,871
  • Optical Inspection of Food Products, 4,866,283
  • Photocharacterization and Treatment of Normal Abnormal and Ectopic Endometrium, 4,852,579
  • Optical Inspection of Polymer-Based Materials, 4,802,762


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August 06, 2014