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Bill Perry

Bill Perry, Institute Engineer
Space Systems Department
Space Science & Engineering Division
    Phone: (210) 522-2747
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  • High Altitude Airships, 6,609,680
  • Autonomous Stratospheric Airship, 6,607,163
  • Autonomous Stratospheric Airship, 6,386,480
  • Autonomous Stratospheric Airship, 6,354,535
  • Process for Cutting with Coherent Abrasive Suspension Jets, 5,184,434
  • Method and Apparatus for Mapping Stress Within Ferromagnetic Materials by Analyzing Barkhausen Noise Formed by the Introduction of Magnetic Fields, 5,166,613
  • Telemetric Measuring Device with High Power Generation, 5,151,695
  • Pressurization System for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor Transducer (ID 1979), 4,966,156
  • Linear, Low Noise Inflation System for Blood Pressure Monitor, 4,832,039
  • Automatic Positioning System for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor Transducer, 4,830,017
  • Apparatus for Inflating Cuff for Blood Pressure Monitoring System, 4,800,892
  • Electronically Switched Pneumatic Valve System, 4,736,773
  • Computerized and Motorized Electromagnetic Flux Leakage Internal Diameter Tubular Inspection Device, 4,675,604
  • Method & Apparatus for Detecting Flaws in the Threaded End of an Elongate Member Using Electromagnetic Excitation and Automated Scanning Sensor, 4,503,393


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August 06, 2014