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Southwest Research Institute's Internet Privacy Statement

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is concerned about the privacy of our visitors and the confidentiality of any information they provide to our staff. Please review our privacy statement to clarify SwRI's efforts and activities in this area.

SwRI's Internet Privacy Statement:

SwRI collects information from voluntary guestbook brochure log-ons, surveys, and electronic forms on our web site. We also review e-mails sent through our web site to SwRI staff or for general inquiries. This information is used to improve the content of our web site and to track our web site's effectiveness. SwRI does not compile, buy, sell, rent, or trade mailing lists of visitors to our Internet site. 

Please send comments or questions regarding this Internet policy statement, or other issues concerning SwRI's web site, to:

Southwest Research Institute
Attn: Web Manager, Communications
P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
Fax: (210) 522-3547

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March 28, 2014